Project Details

The Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile run is one of Washington, DC’s flagship events centered around the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Their organization was in need of an update. I worked with their board of directors to distill a revised brand position and a new brand design. 

Through a series of 13 in-depth interviews with 7 internal stakeholders, 4 race participants, and 2 race sponsors we discovered that the Credit Union Cherry Blossom race felt more like a celebration to everyone involved with the event. We felt strongly that this sentiment was the most ownable point of view for the organization, and so we anchored the brand in this sentiment. 

Brand Positioning
Our race is a gift: an experience that joins elite athletes and everyday people together in a shared goal and taps into a shared electricity between us that stays with us.

Brand Promise
We come alive when we’re together. Too much of life is conducted in isolation. We harness that special alchemy of when we’re all together and excited about the same thing.

Exuberant, Generous, Dedicated