Project Details

Cordance is a North Carolina-based holding company, formed by Aqualine, to acquire founder-owned vertical software companies across numerous end markets. Cordance partners with its entrepreneurs to find the efficient frontier of growth through strategic support, enhanced resources, and the implementation of commercial best practices. We worked with C-suite team to clearly define their brand positioning within the saturated market of VC startups. 

Brand Positioning
Founders are not followers, and we have created a company that aims to serve them. And founders of small to mid-sized companies are often neglected. That’s where we come in. And together in partnership, we scale their companies beyond today’s hurdles.  

Brand Promise
Growth should honor its roots. Growth should build on its foundation with respect. It preserves the best of its beginnings — never losing what has made it great, but rather elevating it as it scales, delivering dignity and a sense of discovery to all involved.  

Attentive, Honest, Exacting