Project Details

The Culinary Concierge is an event planning enterprise best known within their Oregon coast community as the go-to for small catered events. While catering and event planning are the primary offerings for The Culinary Concierge, their subset of offerings include personal chef, sommelier, and prepared meal delivery. 

Based in the small tourism town of Seaside, Oregon, The Culinary Concierge is among a small set of event planners and chefs that partner with local hospitality venues to create events for locals and tourists alike. This collective of culinary professionals often partner with one another and share the workload. In recent months, The Culinary Concierge has come to be best known for smaller events in the area. We felt this point of view severely limited The Culinary Concierge’s audience to a younger more budget conscious client base.

The Culinary Concierge isn’t the expert in small events— they’re experts and making large scale events feel affable and intimate.

The Culinary Concierge is the expert in affable and intimate events. The scale of the event has no bearing on their ability to create a unique and memorable experience.

Since repositioning her catering company, her revenues are up by 75% and she has expanded her offerings to include healthy pre-made delivery meals.