Project Details

The Equality Chamber is the DC chapter of the National Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. During our exploration, we discovered that queer individuals navigate their path to success through both assimilation and subversion. With this insight in mind, we developed a brand identity that captures this tension. The design incorporates a clean black and white palette, combined with a structured grid layout, representing the assimilation aspect. To disrupt this palette and grid when necessary, we strategically introduced vibrant gradients, symbolizing the subversive elements that contribute to LGBTQIA+ success.

By juxtaposing simplicity and structure with bursts of bold disruption, the brand identity for the Equality Chamber conveys the multifaceted nature of LGBTQIA+ experiences in the corporate realm. It celebrates the resilience, adaptability, and unique paths to success within the community, ultimately reflecting the chamber’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowerment.